Make Pop-Up Videos*VH1
with your team

Watch, talk, manage, share.

  • Groupwatch and converse with team
  • Manage production tasks
  • Unlimited video uploads
  • A community of creators and viewers
(see how it works)

Work together even when you’re apart

From your home or office, schedule private viewings to watch
a video with your team and have a conversation about it.

Have a conversation, comment,
or get feedback.

Comments on FrameBuzz videos are tied to the timeline, so they'll pop up at the same time users originally made their comments,
similar to VH1’s Pop-Up Video.

Archive, delegate, and communicate all from your FrameBuzz dashboard. FrameBuzz is specifically crafted and designed so that it can be a production management
software. Unify the many parts and people involved in post production.

Stay updated with FrameBuzz.

Update, and be updated

Share your world with the world! Post videos, start conversations,
and see what everyone else is saying
. FrameBuzz is your platform to
make a statement and create an identity.