Make a Better Video

The best video player for audience
engagement and customer service.

Drive Viewer Engagement

FrameBuzz: Advertising

Moment-by-Moment Commenting

Video players provide a one-way conversation, until now! Our patented feature attaches viewers’ comments to specific moments in the video.

Increase Organic Traffic

Video SEO

Each comment is indexed as a new webpage, increasing your inbound links and content engagement.

FrameBuzz: Video SEO

Run Unobtrusive Ads that Convert

FrameBuzz: Advertising

Highly Effective Ads

Innovative ads increase revenue without detracting from your content. Grow your audience by eliminating distracting advertisting tactics that reduce viewership.

Measure and Improve What Matters

Actionable Metrics Dashboard

Measure the key metrics that move your viewers down your conversion funnel. Make critical improvements by alleviating the bottlenecks.

FrameBuzz: Dashboard

With digital technology,
it’s now possible to have a one-on-one
relationship with every consumer in the world.
The more intimate the relationship, the more indispensable it becomes.
We want to be the company that creates those indispensable relationships with our
brands, and digital technology enables this.

CEO Robert McDonald, P&G